Sunday, February 23, 2014

Safe Spaces-Hyperlink

After reading safe Spaces I was really intrested to learn more. Although it is not a very pleasing topic to read about when you are reading about childrens' thoughts of suicide because of how bullied they are being, it intrests me to know the problems that these students face and why. I decided to do some research, and read stories about children and see what besides the bullying triggered them, and what didn't somebody do to help these children. I found this website which I thought was really intresting to read. After reading one story I was fascinated to read more. Safe Spaces relates to this because it goes to show that you really do need to focus and look at the people that are being bullied for most of them take the easy way out which is not the right way at all. After reading safe spaces I had a completely different outlook and realized a lot more. It all starts in the classroom and if the teacher can address the problem and help to prevent the bullying to continue than mabe that could save a life. It is extremely importnat to talk to anyone if you are being bullied because any student or child that is being bullied and keeps it inside is pnly digginng themsleves and it hurts. I think that because most bullying happens in schools they should have clubs that these people can join to feel better and feel accepted. I know in my High School we had a club called gay straight alliance and it really helped students who were shy about their sexuality come out and be themselves.


  1. Courtney. I like the idea of a club as a start for kids who need a "safe" place. I also think that Schools still need to do a lot more in the getting to know your classmates arena. It's a lot harder to be disrespectful to someone, when you find out who they really are. Remember how quiet everyone was at the beginning of the semester? Nice job!

  2. Hey Courtney! Nice post! I definitely agree with what you said! Bullying needs to be recognized so suicide isn't an option. Safe Spaces made me really interested to research more on the issue too! Good job this week :)

  3. I'm glad that you were able to find this connection, Courtney. An article like the one you found helps make things "real." Would love to see you add some direct quotes from the Safe Spaces text, as well, just to tie the hyperlink in more specifically. Glad it got you thinking...