Saturday, February 15, 2014

Aria: Rodriguez

After reading both of these stories I had a little trouble figuring out which article I wanted to talk about and which prompt I wanted to use. I took the time to read some posts of other class mates and then I came across Madison’s. In Madison post she tells us of her reading, "Aria" by Rodriguez. She begins to talk about the troubles of Richard Rodriguez and how his family is from a Spanish speaking family but in school he has to speak English. It is evident that it would be hard to have to speak English in school and Spanish at home, at times this could be very confusing and frustrating.
As life goes on you realize that there are a lot more colored people and different racial background people living in the United States than their ever was before. By all means I am not racist but I grew up surrounded by all white people living in a middle-class neighborhood where their may have been one or two colored families. Now it’s like a white and black country everywhere which is great but I feel like now there are a lot more changes to accommodate colored people. For instance, I never thought I would see the day that we would have a black president and look we do! The whole point of that is, just like in the article White Privilege, it has always been white people that have had the privilege over colored people but as the years are progressing and centuries are approaching, there no longer will be a white privilege. For example, any time you need customer service over the phone there is an option for Spanish. Not only that, but when you walk into most buildings, important notices are placed with an English and Spanish sign. 


Madison also elaborates on the fact that Rodriguez has to accommodate with real world not being able to speak his language which ruins his family’s relationship. That saddens me but you can't change the country that speaks English into a Spanish speaking country to save you families relationship.

I've had many thoughts trembling through my mind about this topic and when I saw Madison’s post I had to comment. I think she also did a great job describing and talking about the troubles of Rodriguez and how it connected to an article that she found. I would definitely agree with the fact that being bilingual is a plus because nowadays you walk into a restaurant, and as a waitress I have waited on many Spanish speaking families and at times it is very hard to understand what they are saying or one of the younger children in the families relays what they are trying to interpret.

I also found a link which corresponds to what Madison had to say and talks about the benefits of billingual education which I thought was really intresting!


  1. Hey Courtney! Well I thought it was awesome that you decided to comment on my blog. You made so many more great points off of my ideas. It is crazy to think about how much has changed with ethnicities and languages. In the article I posted there were statistics on how many more ethnic people there will be in the years to come and how important it is to work with them to better their lives. Also, I feel like after this blog I have a better realization on how beneficial being bilingual really is! Great job.

  2. Hey Courtney! I love your post and all the pictures! Those pictures describe so much! I checked out the linked you posted. That was very interesting and I think it will bring up a lot of discussion in class on why bilingual educators are so helpful nowadays! Good post :)