Sunday, March 2, 2014

Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us- Arguement

In this article Lisa Christensen argues that today's society and media are responsible for the images of ourselves and others in today's world. She claims that Disney, and other cartoon authors show off multiple stereotypes throughout their cartoons and characters that affect children and shape their view of themselves but also the world too. Christensen also strongly believes that because these messages and stereotypes start influencing kids at such a young age that some of these kids will grow up believing themselves or others when really they are the ideas of the society that influences them. She claims that it goes further than the typical racial stereotypes, and takes away from other stereotypes that cast upon a bad light for people who do not fit into the "pretty" or "white" categories. I believe that this is true. Society affects the way children/people view themselves and others. But it is hard to avoid every possible media outlet that might stereotype. As Christensen mentions, it goes beyond cartoons and Disney Movies. It includes movies, cartoons, books, television shows and songs. Although some part of me feels that we should keep children from media so they can create their own perspective on life, it seems impossible due to the amount of media that portrays negative stereotypes. Christensen suggests to try to change this part of society, but the difficulty is that we all must agree and try. If we don't fight this than we are agreeing to having more children grow up believing that society gives them the right outlook, when in reality it is not, these children don't know this because they have always only seen the world through that outlook, just like we did as kids.
Here is a link to an article that talks about two of the Disney Princesses that relates to this article, which I found really interesting.


  1. Hi Courtney, I liked you post this week and I agree with you on everything. Children are affected by all sorts of things they see in the media but they cant really help it, which I thought was a great point. Now that we are aware that the media affects us in such a negative way we want to shelter the current youth from it but it is almost impossible. Great post!!

  2. It's interesting that you brought up how inescapable the media and its negative influence can be. You're absolutely right. TV shows and movies, and to an even greater degree, advertising on TV and the radio are all but impossible to avoid. Like you said, we need to agree to start changing the stereotypes and the skewed ideals that they depict. Nice post!