Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Little Something About Me....

As you all may know my Name is Courtney but what you didn't know is that I'm a twin! I'm a faternal twin which means we don't look alike. I have a younger sister who is 15 and an older sister who is 28.

My younger sister is in the middle and my twin is on the right :)
  I'm 18 years old and attended Pilgrim High School. Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to be an Elementary school teacher. I'm taking this class to become an Elementary school teacher and I can already tell from the vibe the of the classroom that we're all going to have a great semester. I'm very eager and excited to take this course, it seems like it is going to be a lot fun! My favorite things to do is run and go shopping when I'm not with my friends or family. I work at Newport Creamery in Garden City and Dunkin Donuts. I love to work and make money! I can't wait to see what this class has in store over the course of the semester.

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