Monday, March 24, 2014

Brown vs Board of Education

When I saw that the reading for this week was going to be about the Board of Education I was very excited. I can remember back in the tenth grade I had to do a huge report on Brown vs. Board of Education. Although I can't remember much of what it was about I do remember the main points especially after this weeks reading. On the website that we had to look at, it talked about the Civil War and how it was meant to pave rights for everyone, but during the early 1900's, many of the laws were put in place which caused segregation. But one thing that was established was that there was a fight for civil rights for blacks, which proves that their was some type of effort.

In the Wise videos, it was said that there is evidence of racism of people of color that is still relevant. It also claims that racism is sometimes defeated, which is a step up from what it has been, but it is not always defeated. There was also an interesting idea, that there are certain exceptions for certain people. Some people of color are accepted, but this is not really helpful when there are still so many other people out there of minority. There aren't any particular white acceptable people, just based on their race; so why is it that way for the colored? There is no racial equity, and until that day, I feel that there will always be racism. Another interesting idea from Wise was that all the movements for acceptance of blacks has taken time, and although it is taking time, us Americans are moving forward with it which is a good thing. Also, an ironic thing was that this piece mentioned Brown vs. Board of Education and said that it was a big step forward.

What connects these two pieces together is that they both say that it took some time to make a change. The website on the Board of Education had a timeline so you could easily see the years that went by to change everything. The video also explicitly says that it has taken time as well.

Below is a link of a video that I found on YouTube which talks about the Brown vs Board of education case.

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