Monday, April 21, 2014

Social Justice Event- Iggy's Doughboy Dash

For my Social Justice event I attended the Iggy's Doughboy Dash. You may be wondering how this could have anything to do with FNED  but surprisingly it does. On April 13th was when Iggy's hosted there second annual doughboy dash funding children with disabilities.This event is honored for children who struggle with disabilities. This one particular family hosts this event for any outsiders to come and uses the money raised to find a cure for all different disabilities.
This event is made to have fun but also come together for the support of the children and parents. One of the main parts of this event is to run a half a mile and then eat a half a dozen doughboys and then run back to the starting point. After everybody is done running, their is clam cakes and chowder to eat. Also, parents speak on behalf of the experiences they have with their children and even some children speak too. After attending this event I realized the hardships the parents have being a parent whose child has a disability. The point of this event is to be fun for all children who come that have disabilities and to show love and support for these children. Parents of children with disabilities speak on behalf of the lifestyle that they have to live.Sitting and listening to what these parents had to say really amazed me. It brought me back to when we watched that video in class of all of the parents who go through hell to get their children the right education or whatever it may be that their child needs.
It also connected me to the previous reading of Kliewer. After hearing stories of parents of what they have to go through daily, whether it is school related or an after school program related their is no short-cuts and it is always a process with something. I really give it out to those parents because they have to work extra hard for their children and for their family as well. Some of the parents just like in the video that we watched had to leave their jobs just so they can take on the full time job of taking care of their child.I had a really great experience attending this event and I would definitely go again to meet more people and hear more stories!

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