Sunday, April 20, 2014


For this weeks blog post and last blog post on the readings, I decided to pull out some quotes that I thought were interesting to me. Sometimes I find it easier to use quotes from the text to explain the connections that I have with them.

"Students in empowering classes should be expected to develop skills and knowledge as well as high expectations for themselves, their education, and their futures." (16)

Shor claims that allowing students to have a voice in the classroom changes everything which I believe is true. Setting the class setting early is very important considering that one day, students feel that they are a valued part of the classroom, which will hopefully improve their outlook on school. I also think that in empowering classes, students help one another develop a sense of self-worth. If you were an educator and had a chance to do this for your students, wouldn't you?

"They ask why the official textbook and syllabus are organized the way they are and how this knowledge relates to their community cultures and to conditions in society." (37)

This quote was very interesting to me. When I first read this quote I thought--Dr. Bogad. This particular quote reminded me of the day that we had a "written assignment". She is teaching our class as an example of what Shor claimed to say. Of course, being a student for so long, I am so used to doing what I am told by teachers that when and assignment like what Dr. Bogad handed to us, I just did, without any hesitation. I think that this is very important to remember as we become teachers because if this is how I feel now or did feel back in high school, am I going to want to make my students feel the same way? Absolutely not. We should care about our students' opinion.

Those were two of the quotes that I found really interesting and connected well with. I sort of found this reading a little difficult to understand but when I could relate it to our class itself and the readings, I had a better understanding of it!

Below is a hyperlink to a video about differentiating instruction. I thought this video was really intresting and I really enjoyed watching it! Check it out! 

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  1. Your blog was great this week! I actually had those same quotes highlighted in my reading. I thought a lot about the Oakes activity when reading this article too! Great job connecting the reading to real world classrooms!